1st Album 「last milk」

〇通常版(44.1k/16bit/WAV) ¥1800

曲データ+歌詞データ(.txt)+サムネイル画像(.jpg or .jpeg)

〇通常版(44.1k/16bit/WAV) ¥200

〇ハイレゾ(96k/24bit/WAV or BWF) ¥400

〇通常版(44.1k/16bit/WAV) ¥500

〇ハイレゾ(96k/24bit/WAV or BWF) ¥1000

bias.music.jp@gmail.comまでご希望コース(アルバム「last milk」もしくは曲名+通常版 or ハイレゾ)をお教え下さい。 お振込先をお伝えします。ご入金確認後、ギガファイル便などでデータをお送りします。PayPalでのお支払いも可能です。

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1st Album 「last milk」

〇Normal(44.1k/16bit/WAV) ¥1800

Song data + Lyrics data (.txt) + Thumbnail data (.jpg or .jpeg)

〇Normal(44.1k/16bit/WAV) ¥200

〇High Resolution(96k/24bit/WAV or BWF) ¥400

〇Normal(44.1k/16bit/WAV) ¥500

〇High Resolution(96k/24bit/WAV or BWF) ¥1000

Please email “bias.music.jp@gmail.com” and let us know your Course (Album “last milk” or name of song with Low or High Resolution). We will tell you our bank account, after the bank transfer, we will send the data you purchased.

You can also use PayPal.





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Here is the list of the songs.